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On My Journey

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________________~high above
Name: chibi_mitsuki (my real name is obviously a secret ><; )
Aliases: Kumi-chan, chimitsu, cheebs, chibi, Tails0
Age: 19
Grade: sophomore in that place called "college"
Goals: to draw. stuff. XD
Wishlist: anything I can buy with paper and metal
Website(s): n/a <--is dumb like that
Interests: Anime, Manga, drawing, graphics, playing the viola, karate and cats
Favorite Artists: people good at drawing....and things of that nature

Hmmm anything else to add? not really no...ah! I guess that's all

I wished for
★ Mami★
to become my
<ahref="http://khibz.livejournal.com/113346.html"http://khibz.livejournal.com/113346.html">Puella Magi</a>

Any textures or anything else graphic related that I use (c) to their respectful owners. If I use any of them in the wrong way, you can cut my head off and sell it on Ebay (erm..not really that but punish me in the most suitable way) Some new textures I am using also (c) icon_topia and sanami_276. Thank you for making them ^^

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