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Jan. 12th, 2011


ded then revival

I guess? :'D

well, its basically been school, work, and homework.

rinse and repeat.

but, I have been trying to have a life? so yeah.

next time I probably shouldn't wait three years to post an entry.

Feb. 23rd, 2008


Not too much of an accomplishment

Yeah...well I started another art Meme...those seem to be popular on DA

I was pretty bored today, being nagged to do chores, I got them done but...still a pain

I also played in the snow! that was pretty fun, I always loved the snow, its good to see it on the ground. Now a days, it is gone because the rain comes and washes it away T_T (curse you global warming!)

I also saw Castle in the Sky (Hayao Miyazaki movie). It was really good, It also points out one thing to me:

Miyazaki hates his heroines having long hair

by the end of the movie, if a girl has long hair, it is lopped off. Kind of sad, but true I guess...never realized it until seeing Howl's Moving Castle and now this. Its peculiar to me o_o;

Time to go to bed....wish I didn't have work tomorrow, but meh, it gives me money

Feb. 22nd, 2008


Its Been too long

Wow, its been too long since my last entry...well here are some changes that happened

New Icons- Due to an Tsubasa obsession
New Layout- To match the icons
New Story- To pizazz the LJ

I will try to remember to post more often...maybe some other things will come along the way..lets begin a new journey and see what we shall uncover next

Jun. 28th, 2007


In der Nehr...

Well....um...lately, I have taken my Sonic obsession to a new level. I haven't been this crazed since like...when I was a n00b (2003 or something) I even reamped my Sonic fan character Chaos the Hedgehog(Chaosy-bloo-blah) and I have been drawing alot of Sonic stuff, and listening to alot of Sonic music and Sonic sonic with more Sonicky snicker lee blah

Anyway I will post more often....TO THE DRAWING BOARD =D *le dash*

Feb. 15th, 2007


=O changin changin

Changed around my look of my LJ....its to match the new Tohru avvie I made. Anywho not much, my mom forced me to stay home from school yesterday because of the weather. Today though, I have a Snow day because of the weather, so I got two days off >D mwuahahaha <--shot)

I hope y'all had a good valentine's day ^^

chibi_mitsuki over and out~

Feb. 11th, 2007



Yeah, I'm tired, I still am tired, and I will always BE tired <--most likely)

>< I know its wrong but, I am really impatient and I want SDC vol.1 so badly~ I really hope I can get that poster, cause then I will be a happy chibi_mitsuki. I wonder what will BE on said poster...I bet it will be really sweet :3

RPing with chiibi ish fun, being Mitsuki, I can feel what she feels, and try to speak what she is thinking best I can. I really hope to do more good sessions soon, because they are alot of fun (also just talkin is fun as well, chiibi and I are the S.T.D.S ((Super Takutsuki Defending squad)) but we stand our grounds for anything we defend~)

hmm what else? oh yes, I have a vacation next week~ Febuary break, which I get a whole week off. I will be REALLY happy then, cause I get to sleep, so this means this week will be really rough x_x

Tis is all for now, chibi_mitsuki out~

Feb. 10th, 2007



I haven't posted in a while...I am really sorry bout that. Over the course of time...I got major anime/manga related goodness:

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne vol.7

Full Moon DVD vol.3

Fruits Basket vol.10

okay okay it isn't much <<; but I DID pre-order Shinshi Doumei Cross (The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross +) so I could get the first edition of it, which comes with a super special awesome poster =O

Tis all for now, chibi out~

Jan. 17th, 2007


fushigi no ume.....

I had a weird dream...I don't remember it but I know that there were cats with spider powers o_o

not much to say...have alot to do tomorrow...and swim 20 laps....argh

Jan. 15th, 2007


Supah fun fun party!

Well today I made an extreamly long (somewhat) Takutsuki rant on a forum well...two...XD. I can't help but defend them, because I am sick of the unreasonable bashing towards Takuto especially (why on earth blame him o_o)

I am trying to make a few things...graphic wise...maybe I will use them here? dunno I'll think about it.

I finally finished the Mitsuki sketch! woo for me! and I have also decided to redo chiibi's christmas present, because I just want it to be something simple. So I will work on it during school and at home (I am so sorry for doing this...I just want it to be really nice)

That is it for now more for tomorrow ^^

dayyy offfff

Ja! I have the day off! And I am very happy about it too...unfortunately, day off's are very short lived aren't they ^^;

Anyway like in the last few journals, I am still sketching that Mitsuki pic.....It's hard to draw the way I want her skirt to go...if she is standing up...or just sitting in a chair. Either way...I think it needs to support some sort of message ne?

I also have been prcrastinating on chiibi's christmas present <---you bad person! Christmas was a looong time ago what is wrong with you?!) and I have to start preparing for midterms....argh.

I will post again soon~

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